Testing Weekend at Ridge Motorsports Park (Part 2) – June 14th, 2014

As promised, we’re bringing you the second installment of the testing weekend and the rest of the photos from Day 1’s PCA event. (Courtesy of Jonathan Yeung of 143CAR.com)


Since the first day has satisfied our need for data collection, we were more relaxed on Day 2 at Turn 2 Lapping. It’s been our habit to register back-to-back events because:

1) To condense as much seat time as possible in one trip – logistically, using the time more wisely.
2) To increase the probability of landing on enough dry sessions for testing.
3) To really put the cars’ performance, and most of all, durability to the test. Ensuring they meet our strict standards of quality.

As mentioned above, our main goal was to push the cars to their paces in two consecutive days, sessions after sessions, and drive them back from some 357km (220 miles) away. Even though Boat did not perform as well as we expected in terms of car balance and pace, both cars’ reliability were in tip top shape. In fact, the drivers got exhausted before the cars did.


As usual, we had a great time throughout the whole day just playing along with many fellow lappers in our run groups. Most of them were actually from Vancouver as well, so that made it extra fun for everybody! Here’s a video of one of the many sessions that CM-1027 ran on that day. Enjoy!

Feel free to watch it in full HD by clicking the Youtube link.


As you can see, the car might not be as quick as the higher output cars, it definitely can keep up or often out-perform the others when it comes to braking and cornering speed. The driver was very pleased with the car’s balance, thus giving him the confidence to make such maneuvers with his used old R888’s. That said, it is now back at the shop for further refinement to raise the bar even higher before the Laguna Seca trip in September. Our crew certainly does not have any experience there, however, we will try our very best to prepare the car for this highly-anticipated event. In hopes that we can do justice to the Miata/MX-5’s renowned performance on track!

Lastly, to wrap up this final post of our testing trip, below we have a series of pictures taken on Day 1 (PCA) event. Capturing the many moments in and around the track and our paddock area. Hence, until next blog update, happy motoring everyone!


Filling gas CM-1027 cabin

CM-1027 Senna-20 CM-1027 Save The Ring

Boat docking Boat & Jon

Paddock 1 Paddock 2

997.1 RS tire swap Pit crew

3 Gens of 911s Paddock 3


Photo credit: 143CAR.com (Facebook page / Youtube channel)