Prologue to Laguna Seca | Part 1 – Introduction of Maruha’s Demo Car (Tamago)

It has been a while since we have updated the blog. That is mostly due to our pressing deadline that needed to be met for Miatas at MRLS 2014. Not only that we have to get our 1027 ready, a pleasant surprise had surfaced about a month prior to the event –  Maruha Motors’ attendance with us in the same Vendor booth! This is very exciting news as we have always wanted to collaborate with them at an event as important as this one. However, the surprise didn’t stop there.

Back in 2001, Maruha had imported a US model Miata back to Japan for R&D purposes. While it was there, it has gone through a complete refreshment build with many Maruha original products at the time or ones that were actually being prototyped. Thus, this car has gotten some of the rarest parts in existence. After the build, they sent it back to California under the roof of Mr. Shin Yoshikawa until August 2014. Since one of our friends/clients really wanted to attend the 25th anniversary event – he even registered way ahead of time before he got his ideal Miata.  During this past half year or so, he had no luck with car-shopping due to various reasons. So, we finally came up with the idea that we should ask if Maruha would consider selling the yellow unicorn to our client while inviting them to join us for this special occasion as well.

Here are some rare images of this Maruha built NA captured from a video feature of Mr. Yoshikawa (Source: POR LE PIANO Vintage Garage):

Full video via Silly Thing Production:

SHIN YOSHIKAWA – Into The Wilderness on Vimeo.

Once all parties were confirmed and committed to this plan, we quickly went ahead and attempt to pull the impossible – to complete the transaction and transport the car to Vancouver for a full track-ready refreshment before the MRLS event (which was just about one month away). That said, there was something we had to do before that…


Truth be told, it was quite an untimely decision because in July we have started to move out of our old shop space that we rented. Our goal was to have our own Headquarter, so-to-speak, where we can mainly focus on our own project cars and the R&D efforts for them. The new location has already be set, though we have to really start from scratch. By that, it meant everything! From building our own walls, wiring up the electrical, setting up compressed air supply, hoist installation, moving in and organizing our many machines/tooling, so on and so forth. It was really crunch time for us!


Below is some of the progress pictures of our shop-building:


Once everything was ready, we were able to start on the preparation work of the two cars. First up was Maruha’s demo-car as we wanted to make sure their car was the priority. Our next blog post will cover the transportation process and extensive work we’ve done on the ‘Tamago’.


Stay tuned for Part Two of this Laguna Seca Prologue series!

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