Prologue to Laguna Seca | Part 2 – Welcoming the Tamago

As promised, we are now continuing on about our journey to Laguna Seca. In the midst of the two-week shop setup time, we were also dealing with the importation of the Maruha demo-car (now named ‘Tamago’ by its proud owner) from California where it resided for over a decade many years. Throughout the many years, it has been out to various meets, car shows, and solo/lapping events for promotional purposes. However, beside the handful of times it came out, the car was primarily stored inside Mr. Yoshikawa’s Garage. Thus, we thought the 25th anniversary celebration weekend would be a great opportunity to bring it back to life and showcase it to the MX-5 enthusiasts!

Thankfully, our partner and long time friend, Charles, lent us a huge helping hand with the importing procedures. Majority of the process went smooth and the car arrived in Canadian soil quickly. Needless to say, we were absolutely ecstatic that this yellow machine is now part of the Chikara family!

IMG-20140808-WA0002 IMG-20140808-WA0003

IMG-20140808-WA0005 IMG-20140808-WA0004


Since it was originally a US car, we only had to do a few minor changes to pass the Canadian DOT inspection. Then, the new owner could officially insure it under BC plates. Notice that the splitter (as seen from the previous blog post) with matching body colour is missing from the car here, that’s because it either got torn off before or during the transport somehow. We were a bit upset as it is a beautiful piece by D-Technique from Japan. Regardless, the damage has been done, we’ll get it fixed eventually!

Here are some pictures on the inspection day:

Full-body repainted in Sunburst Yellow, genuine M2-1001 front Valance, Vitaloni mirrors with passenger side fender mounted.

Wheels are the limited run and already out of production gold RG-F in 16 x 7 inches with BBS lug nuts too! Quite the perfect match for this car. Unfortunately, we later found out that the tires were unsafe to drive on so we quickly took them off for another nice surprise from Maruha Motors and Rays Engineering Japan (will be shown in the next blog post)!

Interior speaks nothing but quality and cleanliness; Momo Mod05 steering wheel, Cobra bucket seats, 4 point rollbar, Alpine rear speakers, and a pair of Eunos Roadster optional floormats.


It was already quite the head-turner in this state. That said, being Maruha’s demo-car for the MRLS 2014 event, we at Chikara decided to take it to another level. Not only that we wanted to make it perform better, but we also took care of the aesthetic department in hopes to please the crowd even more!

In the next update, we will fully document more late night grinds for Tamago’s transformation. So check back later for another installment of this “Prologue to Laguna Seca” series!

Thanks for reading!

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