Testing Weekend at Ridge Motorsports Park (Part 1) – June 13th, 2014

To kick off our blog after our launch of the website, Happy Canada day (or Independence Day in a few days for our neighbors)!

As some of you may know, Chikara crew set out to Shelton, Washington to test out two of our cars in mid-June; the ‘CM-1027’ and ‘Boat’. Thanks to the 2013 season, we were rewarded with a decent amount of data during our first year attendance at Ridge Motorsports Park. So, the main goal of this trip was to put these two to their paces and make sure they perform well after plenty of adjustments/additions over last Winter. Moreover, it was intended as our preparation for the special Miatas at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca event in September. Along side with a few racing buddies, we had some great fun among ourselves and with the other NW trackday junkies as well. Here’re some re-cap moments and a couple entertaining videos for you guys (and girls). Hope you’ll enjoy them! Other updates or posts leading up to the event in regards to car preparation and such can be found on our Facebook page if you’re interested.


On June 13th (Friday), first up was the PCA event which started out quite soggy due to over-night showers. We arrived early at the site to help out with tech-inspections of the participants. After that, we unloaded our cars and did some final adjustment to suit the damp condition. Then, we heading out soon after the drivers’ meeting. Both drivers had experience with wet condition, so it wasn’t too hectic for them. CM-1027 actually ran with decent pace with good confidence with the car.

Session 1 (semi-wet) - CM-1027 Session 1 (semi-wet) - CM-1027 2

Session 1 (semi-wet) - Boat Boat Rear


At the time, we were somewhat unhappy with the condition since we wanted to test the cars in dry to prepare for Laguna Seca. Fortunately though, the sun began to peek out after our first run and by Session 2 our track was dry! Thus, we immediately went back to our dry setup and rolled out.

1027 fly-by Boat fly-by

The track temperature was still low and there was some isolated wet spot still, but we were able to find much better grip of course!

Boat & 1027 Boat and 1027 paddock


And in Session 3, Chikara and friends went out together in formation to play with each other. We really had a blast; there were some exciting moments during the friendly dogfights! Here’s a video (shot from the 1027) link below:


That was essentially the highlight of the day. Driver of 1027 definitely over drove the car while playing with our friend in his 997.1 RS, but this also served as a good reference point for our data collection. We now know that aside from the tire limit, the car was able to perform real well even when pushed to and over its limits throughout the whole 25 minutes session. They were consistently lapping 1:52/53 times according to the GT3’s laptimer. This is already about a full second faster than 1027’s last years best time on the same set of Toyo R888s.

CM-1027 & 997.1 RS 1027 rock on


After Day 1 at PCA, we’ve gathered plenty of useful data for the cars. Even though Boat’s performance was not as well as we desired but at least we found out what was wrong with it. So, all there is to do now is to work on the improvements and it will be running in good shape again!


Most of the pictures taken on Day 1 were captured by our good friend and local Vancouver photographer/videographer, Jonathan @ 143CAR.com. Do check out his Facebook page or Youtube channel for many of his Petrohead materials!

Other photos are from Adam Hosey Photo (track photographer) and various other fellow lappers.


Part 2 of the re-cap will actually consist of the Day 1 photo dump and more videos from Day 2 (Turn 2 Lapping) of the weekend.

So stay tuned for the second half of the coverage!