Chikara Builds Revisited – Eunos Roadster V-Spec Maruha 2.1L

I wanted to take a step back and revisit some of our previous Miata builds. First up is Buddy’s Eunos Roadster V-Spec Maruha 2.1L. For those who want to read the full build visit the thread here.

For this build the engine was assembled here in Vancouver, BC. and shipped half a world away to our client in Hong Kong. Not only did our expert engine builder, Ocean Wong build the engine, he also travelled to Hong Kong to tune it.

Tuning Session with Chikara’s Very Own Ocean Wong:

11366680775_32e125dacb_b    11450039333_70e7fc2fd6_b    11401264764_750795b7a1_b

Engine Build Highlights:

9207390502_51f4b5ee74 9208318696_f0cdb94305 9207391278_794a982764 IMG_3837_zps305d081f IMG_3807_zps9f088f0d IMG_3875_zpsd7291c00 IMG_3842_zps14a0ec37 8288357386_80d570ec8b 9730393543_af76001a44_b 9733627392_a588023c5e_b 9733640864_1b0d5f7b74_b 9919112365_16a4425927_b9913910885_7bcccfbe1a_b 9913973586_1667f0794a_b 11367126714_3a28bc46ce_b 10459736734_a38f06cdf2_b 10459835716_4bcfd19416_b 11367344643_21967ac737_b 11366855326_2b60423185_b 11367126714_3a28bc46ce_b